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Telephone Marketing Secrets that Will Boost Your Offline Marketing

Before the web was available for everyone, telemarketing was the best way to talk to customers especially to people that stay at home. Would you believe that up to this day, using the phone to talk to customers is still one of the best ways to market products and services? With just an efficient list of potential customers and a dependable phone line, you can start phoning people and inform them about your products.

Here are some of the time-tested strategies on how to use telephone marketing to your advantage:

  1. Create a friendly but attention-grabbing opening line. Remember that you are basically interrupting the person on the other line and starting your conversation with the question “how are you today?” could only put the person into defensive mode. Plan your opening line carefully and ask people’s opinion.
  2. Watch how you speak. Your tone of voice matters a lot in your conversation. Make sure that you use a strong voice but not too much of a commanding tone. All in all, it should be friendly but not too friendly; just like a person talking and recommending things to his friend.
  3. Have a strong reason why you called. The person on the other line would likely ask you why you are calling and this actually gives you an open door to present your products outright. Cut the chase and tell them what you want them to hear. Tell them about your great offer, tell them about your locations and tell them that you are trying to help. One the person realizes that you mean business; he will more likely listen to every word that you are trying to say.
  4. Build a strong call list. The success or failure of your telemarketing strategy depends on how strong your call list is. How do you create such a list? You can start by creating a mailing list from your store or your site. Ask your customers if they would like to hear offers and promotions from you by phone or by email and if they could recommend their friends or family members too.

Another way to create a strong call list is to buy leads from professionals. Although not necessarily the best and the most reliable way to build leads, a lot of telemarketers actually use this strategy to build their list. There are a lot of companies that offer these online and these are based on listings that are provided by a lot of sites such as social media sites and so on.

  1. Practice and more practice. Do not be discouraged when you do not get to talk to people or they would tell you to never bother them anymore, these are just the start. A lot of people still rely on the phone for information and are still looking for reliable marketers just like you. The reason for failed calls is you are not trying your best. Practice and arm yourself with product knowledge and people skills and soon you can reap success in telemarketing.