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New Trends in Offline Marketing Revealed

offline marketing trends
offline marketing trends

If you have never considered trying offline marketing for your business then you may be missing out on a lot of opportunities. The web may be opening doors for your business to reach as far as the other half of the world to do business but have you ever considered strengthening your local market? Local customers that support your products or services will lead to increased local revenue and a strong brand. There are also new offline marketing trends to consider and then of course traditional techniques such as the use of signage, print and cold calling are also recommended.

Mobile marketing

Do you know that on average, a person could have two or three mobile phone numbers? More and more cellphones are multi-SIM so this means that you could send marketing messages to anyone for twice the effort? Mobile marketing could be your key to locally expanding your business. You can send marketing messages from new promotions, new products and new information that your customers can use. These messages should also contain your contact information so your customers can easily call you or email you for their orders and questions. Mobile marketing is more personalized and cheaper too.

Personalized communication

These days gadgets and the internet has replaced personalized communication. When was the time that you have ever had a real conversation with anyone? It may sound weird and surprising if you were to approach anyone on the street to tell them about your company or your business and what you can offer them. But do you know that a lot of people may actually warm up to you and even consider your suggestions? As long as you can converse naturally and you can provide information about your products and what your customer can get from it, you can have a real personalized conversation that will allow you to easily sell your products, services and brand.

The human touch

What online marketing lacks, offline marketing can provide and that is none other than the human touch. It is simply a handshake when people buy your products from your store, it is the smile that you give as you welcome them to your booth or the sincere “thank you” as you hang up the phone after speaking with a customer. All these will lead to a more personal and a more human way of recognizing your brand, your products and your services.

Creating a loyalty program

The trend these days is to patronize your customers. Keep them interested and willing to buy from you buy offering them quality service and a great loyalty program. You could start by offering points for every purchase or a freebie when they come back with a friend. A referral program would also be nice and you can also use this program online the more customers find value for their money and value in their purchases, they will be more likely to consider your business than do business elsewhere.