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5 Ways Pictures and Videos Can Improve Your Offline Marketing

Still can’t figure out what’s missing in your offline marketing strategies? The key is to get to know your customers more, find out what they are looking for and how they usually get information about different products. Sure there is the internet to provide all the online content and advertising but you cannot neglect that a lot of people still rely on print and television to find products.

Using videos and pictures to boost your offline marketing strategies is a great idea and you can actually do this even without professional training or previous videography experience. Here are some great strategies:

  1. Taking photos of your products

Surely the first thing that came up your mind is to take photographs of your products and this is definitely a great idea. No matter what you are selling, you can guarantee that a colorful image of your product on a flier or a banner would capture the attention of your customers. It is all about using a good camera and lighting to get the perfect shot. Get as many shots in different angles as you can and then afterwards you may edit your photos using a photo editing software. Use these shots on your product packaging, fliers, signs and any other offline marketing campaign.

  1. Your customers as your subjects

A popular product endorser could cost a lot of money. Why not make it more natural by asking your customers to be your models? Restaurant owners could take photos or videos of customers as they enjoy their meals. Hair dressers could take photos of customers as they do their hair or as they get a facial. Definitely an ad with a more natural reaction or facial expression is worth more than a model that is just being paid to like your products! Use these photos for your fliers, newspaper ads and posters and videos may be submitted to local television stations too.

  1. Your business location

If you have an actual business location then you may also use this as your subject. If your community has a “support your local business” drive (or something similar) then you can submit photos or videos of your establishment. Needless to say that you should highlight special points about your business such as your interiors, your local crew, your customers and the products or services you offer.

  1. How to use your products video

A lot of people are visual learners and they take cues from videos much better than still photographs or from articles. You can create a video of how your products are used and how they benefit your customers like an infomercial.

  1. Reviews and recommendations

Take photos of your customers as they enjoy your service or products and ask them for their honest reviews and if they would recommend your service to their friends. You will be surprised that a lot of people would love to offer their help and would even provide a good review. Of course it starts with providing the best service and products and the great reviews will surely follow!