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5 Effective Guerrilla Marketing Tactics for Offline Marketing

Guerrilla tactics for marketing may sound brutally effective and there is no doubt that these strategies work! Sure, online marketing allows you to connect to your customers and take advantage of their needs but through this kind of marketing strategy, you will be dealing with customers in a striking yet efficient manner.

Here are the most powerful techniques that you can use no matter what your business may be:

  1. Leaving your brand anywhere you go

Guerrilla tactics are decisive and smart strategies. You need to think of ways to leave your mark or your brand anywhere you go to lure your customers to your business. One of the most colorful ways to do this is to use sticky notes; simply write down or print your logo, services, products and your contact details on the note and then stick these on to tables, doors, gates, coffee shop boards, cars and all other surfaces that your customers will likely see and touch. Be sure to leave your notes in eye level so your customers will be able to easily read them.

  1. Take advantage of donations and gifts

Helping the needy during times of calamities and during special seasons of the year can become a medium where you can present your business or brand. Donate shirts with your brand logo, give away branded bookmarks or donate branded stationery.

  1. Create something memorable that relates to your brand

Impacting and unique, these are two qualities of guerrilla marketing and through these you can capture the attention of people that would likely buy your products or use your services. Why not create a huge graffiti out of chalk on a large wall in your neighborhood? Display a colorful poster or tarpaulin with a few questions that would lead to your brand or product? Remember that providing something visually stimulating will help effectively lead your customers to your brand, your products and your services.

  1. Wear your brand wherever you go

Offline guerrilla marketing is never letting go of any kind of opportunity and therefore, no matter where you are and no matter what time it is, you should be thinking of ways to promote your brand. Why not wear your brand anywhere you go? Print your logo and contact information on shirts, hats, jackets and pins. Wear this anywhere you go. You will be surprised as to how many people will be asking you about your business in just a day!

  1. Use stickers and signs

Aside from wearing your brand why not let everyday items wear them too? Guerrilla strategies such as leaving a pen with your brand in a fast food restaurant, using bumper stickers with your brand, using signage with your brand or business, etc. Use colors, creative fonts, font size and texture to your advantage. Plan your strategies so you can cover more ground. Ask help from your family and friends to disseminate information about your brand and to use these strategies every day.